South Carolina Restaurants Allowing Full Capacity

Waitress Holds Drink

The COVID-19 pandemic has been handled differently on a state by state basis when it comes to dining out. South Carolina is one of the more fortunate states as it saw its full-capacity ban lifted prior to the new year. Restaurants have been allowed to open to full capacity since the beginning of last October.

However, there are still some restrictions that have been put in place to enhance safety. Employees are required to wear masks, although there is no statewide mask mandate. Some municipalities have opted to institute their own mandates on masks. That goes on a city by city and, in some cases, a county by county basis.

There is still a time limit on alcohol consumption as it cannot be served past 11 p.m. This alcohol rule has been a point of emphasis as it has been lauded as a reason for limiting the spread of COVID in South Carolina.

There is also a program m called the Palmetto Priority, which has been introduced by the South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association. Restaurants who participate in this program complete a checklist of a variety of assurances that were part of the reopening guidelines. Those restaurants also agree to food safety inspections conducted by the Department of Health.

Prior to the 100% capacity initiative, restaurants were only permitted to fill up to 50% capacity. For many restaurant owners, this painted an uncertain future. It also threatened the livelihood of restraint workers as many struggled through that rough period. The return of 100% capacity shows a renewed effort led by Governor Henry McMaster. It also thrust South Carolina to the forefront of states that have instituted a return to more normalized conditions.

The 100% capacity also put more money back into the community which is a positive sign for independent restaurants. Without this type of return, there was a growing danger that businesses would have to close. These are still quite uncertain times as some are still apprehensive about dining out. Nevertheless, South Carolina has seen a positive movement forward and has helped businesses and restaurants alike start to get back to generating revenue.

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