The Importance of Fresh and Never Reheated Barbecue

Barbecue restaurants continue to pop up all over the country. However, there is more than location that differentiates one establishment from the next. The importance of fresh barbecue is an important measuring stick for quality. There is so much that is wrong with serving reheated barbecue to customers and here is a look at some of those negative effects in addition to why freshness is a must.

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The most effective way to reheat barbecue is to not reheat it. Quality barbecue establishments make barbecue and keep it warm throughout the day. And once the day is finished, the leftovers should not be put back up for sale. Freshness can really set apart one plate of barbecue from the rest of the competition.


A common practice to ensure freshness is to start smoking the meat very early in the morning and keep it warm. A point of priority is to keep the meat moist. To ensure the meat remains moist and flavorful, smoking could take place over different parts of the day. Smoking meat for a lunch rush and then smoking more meat for a dinner crowd is a way of ensuring freshness for all diners.


It should be noted that bacteria will multiple when temperatures are between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Barbecue should not be stored in that zone of temperatures at any point in time. Part of ensuring the utmost freshness in barbecue is handling it with the proper care. This is a general rule for cooking barbecue and something that is always taken very seriously by quality establishments.


Before the actual cooking process begins, barbecue needs to be thawed correctly. In order to maintain freshness, the thawing process should be a slow one. It is never good to try to accelerate that process as it could impact taste. Storing the meat in a refrigerator works while running it under cold water is another effective method.


Packing in all the freshness of delicious barbecue takes a step by step cooking process that does not involve fluctuations in temperature. Doing so will provide an uneven cook and reduce the overall freshness. Keeping one low temperature during the cooking process is a key to maintaining freshness.

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