To Go Food Sales and COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much in our world and that even applies to our eating habits. More people are ordering out, although people have become more discerning about the way their food is handled. In an unprecedented time, the top takeout establishments take appropriate measures to ensure safety with their to-go orders. Here is a look at the ways in which conscientious restaurants are handling to-go orders.

Hands-free delivery
Food delivery is now conducted without even having to have a conversation with a delivery person. Orders are taken over the phone or online and dropped off without having to exchange money. Quality food delivery establishments take the time to ensure touchless drop off measures are in place.

Person limits
When picking up food, there is going to be a need to be around some people. However, the pickup area should be limited to a certain amount of people. And particularly since food is being served, masks are recommended to be worn by all. This limits the potential for any transmission and is also an indication that the establishment places an importance on safety.

Extra safety protocols
Many places that sell t-go food orders claim to practice proper safety protocols. However, there are additional steps that can be taken. There are seals that are tamper resistant and the use of this item provides extra peace of mind for customers. Proper hand washing and hygiene should be a given for anyone who handles food, but these little extra steps could create a higher level of comfortability. Gloves and masks among all workers are another example of this trait. Package labeling is another step which shows exactly what time the food was put into the container.

Prompt timing
Many to-go orders come with a bit of waiting once a customer arrived. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, waiting around should be eliminated. This can be done by providing exact pickup times. Restaurants need to provide exact times, instead of approximations. This can be done with text messaging updates with exact times. This way, customers are not lingering while waiting for their food. Devising a system that emphasizes punctuality is a sign of a restaurant who takes safety in the COVID-19 age very seriously.

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